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The Most Popular Poker Players

Today I’m going to talk about some bizarre specimens who coexist with us everyday Unusual, exotic and different beings from everybody else! Yeap! Poker players!!

I’m with Juan Martín Pastor You Also knows me by my PokerStars nick name XpastorcitoX Wait, I always thought it was expastorcitoxx No! XPASTORCITOX Today we are going to show you different types of poker players Basically, poker characters The unpunctual Always, always is late It’s usually because they was partying last night and drank too much! wait, wait, wait who wrote this?

the razon couldn’t be… because they went to the gym at night Or the were studying with friends? We’ve always got to be partying? The thing is that the next day they won’t show up Snooze it like 15 times And happens this: The showoffplayer: The showoffplayer? that word doesn’t even exist! I just invented that word to describe those players ohh you’re talking about those who screams at your face when they win the hand! Thats right!

Those who celebrate like they have won a world cup! Heart, heart, heart! C’mon Heart! Heart!!! In your face!!

The weaper: those who just got eliminated and they’re weaping around talking about that hand In every single place or moment! You won’t believe this hand! Never heard something like this I guaranteed! I opened the button with JJ, the BB goes all-in for something like 20 blinds! I called, obviously with my JJ He got AK! C’mon!

That’s a flip dumbass No way! The musician! The musician! The musician! The only thing that matters For this guy is the next song on his playlist. He actually don’t care about anything else on the table or around him!

The musician! The Chitchater! Uff!

I hate those! They won’t shut their mouths! I didn’t tell you about last day I was visiting some friend in La plata I left my car in the street, it was downtown Yes, I guess it was like the bussiness area But, the thing was… are you listening to me?

The mate guy: usually from Uruguay or Argentina they’ll always be with a thermos full of water And offering mate everyone! Mate? Their day it’s basically dedicate to arrange their chips into a very fancy structures.

With a perfect architecture that even god envy it! I hate Them! Tank person!

But I didn’t explain what “Tank” Means! To “tank” means taking so much time to think every single decision. They over think everything!! You want something to drink? Water please!

Hungry guy: I’m getting a little bit hungry Anyone mind if eat something? We’ve been playing so much that… finally… Something to drink! Into Technology: Those who got the latest technology in their hands and play poker in every device they got They are so serious about the “tells” situation They preferred to hide very single move or expression They use a cap, scarf, glasses, and anything else to remain hidden The superstitious: They got tons of lucky charms and wear the same old shirt that they were wearing that day they won something. Those were just a few poker character… Those were just.. Those were just a few poker characters that you’ll probably find into the poker world Or who knows! Maybe you’re one of them!

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