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Andrew Brandt Discusses Sports Gambling

Welcome back to our weekly updates on the news of the day in sports, business and law, a couple things we want to get to this week, one involving gambling and then, of course, a more updates on the does. Your topic for this fall Ray Rice in the NFL for them to gambling front Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has signed a law which it’s complicated, but what it does is repeals prohibitions against gambling on sports betting in the state. In other words, it can be done legally now and they’ve carved out to areas where it can be done: racetracks and casinos. So, starting this Sunday October 27th, it is going to be allowed for bettors to go to Monmouth Raceway in New Jersey and make sports bets sports book. If you will. This is a way, obviously for state, like New Jersey, that’s been having severe problems with their casinos.

Losing money, closing number Bell and other casinos to make money off sports gambling, the NFL, the NBA, the NHL, the NCAA Major League Baseball, have all filed a petition to stop this. What they said is not know this can happen, so they filed a temporary restraining order to be heard sometime this week in order to stop the gambling from being perpetrated in new jersey at Monmouth Raceway on Sunday, we’re gon na see where this goes. Why is the NFL, the NBA, the NHL Major League Baseball? So against? This is a good question, because fantasy gambling is all around them. They know.

Gambling goes on the NFL just staged a game in Wembley in will again this weekend with gambling parlors actually in the stadium, although closed when the NFL players there, but in the stadium. So we have to see where this goes. I think the NFL in all these leagues are worried about integrity and that this gambling issue, if it starts a new jersey, it can go to all these other states and that’s going to be an issue going forward. This is not going to go away.

States are looking for revenue sports gambling as a way to get it because people lose more than a win. That’S why casinos do well in Las Vegas and they’re gon na try to do it. The NFL in the leagues are gon na try to ban in name of integrity or perhaps in a more Crestview in the name of doing it.

The way they want, so they can monetize it we’ll keep an eye on it. Back to your favorite subject: Ray Rice couple things going on there’s four things going on now: there’s an NFL investigation South commissioned into the way they handle Ray Rice. There’S an NFL PA investigation into Ray Rice. There is a lawsuit by Ray Rice. I’M sorry agreements by Ray Rice against the NFL to appeal his indefinite suspension, and now we have a new thing. We have an.

We have Ray Rice suing, an NFL club, his club, his former club, the Baltimore Ravens for terminating him wrongfully and alleging that he still owed his salary for this year. Pass the two game suspension of close to four million dollars. We’Re gon na see where this goes. Couple new developments in the hearing between the union and the league regarding Ray Rice’s appeal of his suspension. There is date set november, fifth and sixth, when it’s going to be heard.

We now await whether judge Jones, an independent former judge ruling on this, is going to compel Commissioner Roger Goodell to testify we’ll see on that. The Union Ray Rice clearly want to. They feel that Ray Rice told him everything we want to hear what he says. Nfl Lawyers are trying to block it.

The other thing about the suit against the Ravens. I find a little curious and I think it’s a tough uphill battle, because I know from being in the NFL Management teams cut players for all kinds reasons you miss a block in practice. You look the wrong way. Have an off-field issue? Teams cut players all the time, including off the suspended list. This year alone, Matt Prater was cut from the Denver Broncos while on the suspended list.

So I think Ray Rice may have a tough time there, maybe he’s looking again like all these cases, for some redress and from clarification and transparency as to what really happened that all continues as the domestic violence policies are hopefully being formulated as when this new age, With domestic violence and sexual assault with the NFL in all sports leagues, that’s the update for this week, obviously more to come, and all these issues right at the top of the news I’ll see you next week, -Andrew Brandt

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